“Can’t See It, Can’t Feel It, Can’t Be Bothered by It”

This is the common misconception made by many homeowners regarding their outdated fan coil units. Your HVAC system is crucial in your everyday living and should be held at such standards. Retrofitting your fan coil unit drastically improves this essential system.

Understanding Why to Retrofit

Aside from your fan coil system not look appealing there are also some threatening qualities that pictures
cannot capture.

Three of the biggest threats of aging fan coils are:

  • Rust
  • Mold Growth
  • Low Electrical Efficiency

Threat 1 Rust

Risk of Flooding Rust chips can clog drain pans and condensate hoses causing backup and overflow. This may result in water damage.

Health Hazard Rust can become airborne. These airborne particles can lead to prolonged coughing and lung irritation.

Threat 2 Mold

Health Hazard Airborne mold particles can cause major allergen irritations and in severe cases can lead to respiratory problems.

Threat 3 Low Electrical Efficiency

Old Technology Inefficient and outdated components cause unnecessary power consumption

Coil Clogging Lack of maintenance and/or improper operation can result in dirt and debris clogging your coil. This clogged coil reduces airflow efficiency.


Aurum Manufacturing is proud to be one of the pioneers in retrofit development. This solution completely transforms your fan coil unit into an up-to-date modern and efficient system




Besides being cosmetically appealing and sleek, there are benefits and features of this new system that pictures cannot capture.

  • Increases air circulation in your home
  • Increases efficiency in fan coil operations
  • Includes safety features for flood prevention
  • Creates and enhances optimal comfort in your home
  • Reduces operational noise
  • Lowers fan coil energy consumption

Essential Components

ECM Motor



float sensor

Control Valve & Actuator

Control Valve & Actuator

ECM Technology

  • - 80% electrically efficient (30-40% increase)
  • - 90,000+ hours operating life span

20 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction

  • - Virtually eliminates the possibility of rust occurrence

Control Valve and Actuator

  • - Zero Leakage
  • - Self-cleaning technology to be clog resistance
  • - Consumes 95% less power than conventional actuator

24V Control Centre

  • - Easy plug and play compatible with most smart thermostats on the market

Safety Features

  • - Float Sensor to detect drain pan water backup

Easy Future Serviceability

  • - Union connections from valve bodies
  • - Braided stainless steel hoses are equipped with union connections for easy connect/disconnect from building supply and return.

Optional Features include but are not limited to

  • Audible Water Sensor
  • Cabinet Floor Moisture Sensor
  • Secondary Room Temperature Sensors
  • Smart Thermostats