About CFC Series

Aurum’s CFC Series is our replacement solution for outdated closet fan coil units. By keeping the basic operations on this system, Aurum has revolutionized our fan coil unit to provide better energy efficiency, airflow and overall comfort. The slide in chassis is designed for an efficient, non-invasive replacement.

Retrofit Specifications


Aurum Manufacturing’s coils are manufactured with type L copper tubing, aluminum fins and stainless-steel side rails. All coils are brazed for maximum strength. Copper piping is insulated to prevent sweating in summer months. Prior to delivery all coils go through pressure tests and visual inspection. Coils are customizable for job specifications, and/or to meet building configurations. (ie. Allowing for an upwards supply feed).

Fan Blower

Aurum offers a variety of different motors and blowers. Sizes are dependent on required specifications and conditions for each fan coil unit.

Offered motors and blowers, included but not limited to:

  • EC motors (standard)
  • Variable speed motor
  • PSC motor

Drain Pan

The CFC series drain pan is assembled with 100% 20-gauge stainless steel material to virtually eliminate the possibility of rust growth. All corners of the drain pan are welded. The drain pan is positively sloped to allow for quick and effective drainage. The bottom of the drain pan is also insulated to prevent condensation and reduce vibration noises.


These fittings make for easy installation and future serviceability.


Control Valves are connected with flared union connections making for easy future serviceability.

Aurum offers flexibility in control valves options include:

  • Power open / power close
  • Normally open/ normally closed
  • Spring return
  • Modulating

Control Centre

Our control box is designed for easy accessibility for future service. Aurum offers a variety of control options to meet building requirements and exceed industry standards.

Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Heat only – cool only
  • Heat and cool 2 pipe
  • Heat and cool 4 pipe
  • Heat and cool, with auxiliary heater 2 pipe
  • Modulating/ variable speed
Please contact Aurum or your local representative for other available options to meet specific needs

Optional Features include but are not limited to

  • Audible Water Sensor
  • Cabinet Floor Moisture Sensor
  • Secondary Room Temperature Sensors
  • Smart Thermostats
Dimensional Data Aurum Manufacturing - CFC Series

Aurum Model

  • CFC600Z
  • CFC800Z
  • CFC1000Z
  • CFC1200Z


  • 18.5"
  • 18.5"


  • 20"
  • 20"


  • 50"
  • 52"
Performance Data Aurum Manufacturing - CFC Series
Air Dry
Air Wet
%RH Entering
Standard Air
Total SCFM Total BTUH
CFC600ZW 600 3 80 67 51.1 45 433 602 18232
CFC800ZW 800 3.5 80 67 51.1 45 508 794 24733
CFC1000ZW 1000 5 80 67 51.1 45 474 963 31202
CFC1200ZW 1200 6 80 67 51.1 45 452 1207 36271